Yong Lin, Ph.D.

Dr. Yong Lin

Assistant Teaching Professor

260M Garland Hall 

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Digital signal/image processing
  • Blockchain
  • Modeling and simulation/Optimization
  • Mobile Computing


  • Masters of Business Adminstration
    Duke University
  • Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
    University of Dayton
  • M.S., Computer Engineering
    Hokkaido Institute of Technology, Japan
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering
    Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Governmental Appointment

The State Government of Ohio

Columbus, OH

Board Member – Minority Development Financing Advisory (MDFA) Board
MDFA Board is based on Ohio Laws 122.72, consists of 10 board members with one member from the Ohio Senate and one member from the Ohio House of Representatives.

Appointed by Ohio State Governor Kasich for the 1 st 7-year term, and reappointed by Governor DeWine for a 2 nd 7-year term to support Ohio State government policies and laws, serve as a leader in developing, approving, and managing Ohio state grants, and engage with a global business network to strengthen the Ohio minority-owned businesses.

Academic Teaching Experience

Miami University

Oxford, OH


  • Taught business courses for three years at Farmer School of business.
  • Served as a keystone senior design project advisor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for 2 years. Advised 30+ engineering students in the area of artifical intelligence, robotics, security, optimization, IoT, modeling, and simulation. Encouraged students to contribute back to the community and teamed up with a non-profit organization – iFuture Academy for Kids.

Non-Profit Experience

Awakening Your Child Total Potential/STEM Foundation

Loveland, OH


  • Led a group of volunteers to refurbish old computers, so to make computers suitable for educational purposed, and donate those to families in need.
  • Offered STEM classes to families in need during the summer in programming, robotics, biology, and chemistry.

Private Sector Experience

Mars Global Services

Mt Olive, NJ
A Fortune 100 Company

Global Category Director/Sr. Manager

  • Owned a strategic planning and management for $100M+ annual Mars Inc. technology spending strategy development and implementation. Achieved 10% year-over-year savings.
  • Developed strong vendor relationships at C level (Ex. Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Google, and 300 others) to drive effective outcomes.
  • Enabled global teams to identify opportunities through technology innovation and out of box thinking.
  • Led and conducted regular top-top reviews/negotiations with C-level executives internally and externally.

Leap America

Cincinnati, OH
A startup

Co-Founder and CEO

  • Led a development team and developed a patented AI based self-learning music algorithm to identify consumer's behaviors.

Procter & Gamble

Cincinnati, OH
A Fortune 100 Company

Sr. Mgr/Systems Manager

  • Implemented and refined strategies to support short- and long-term business goals
  • Achieved category performance and 3% year-over-year savings targets.
  • Held vendors accountable to performance agreements and implement course corrections and mitigation strategies as needed. Negotiated strategic deals and led competitive RFPs and supplier selections.
  • Managed projects/programs always on time and under budget.

Genesys (Now Alcatel)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
A Silicon-valley startup, later $1.5 Billion acquisition by Alcatel in 2000

Product Manager

  • Successully set product strategies, product marketing goals, product development specifications, and led teams to develop a workflow management product end-to-end. The workflow product increased productivity for companies by standardizing procedures.

NCR (Former AT&T)

Toyko, Japan
A Fortune 500 Company

Development Engineer

  • Key development engineer for then cutting edge innovative product from AT&T Bell Labs -- wireless LAN (Current IEEE 802.11 products) access point security point security protocol development to meet Japanese market's regulation requirements, and contributing to IEEE 802.11 standard formulation.

Honors and Awards

Dayton Area Graduate Study Institute (DAGSI) Scholarship

Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation (Japan) Scholarship

Selected Publications

  • Y. Lin, "Subspace Based Partition Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration with Applications to Medical Imaging", University of Dayton, Dissertation 2005.
  • Y. Lin, R. Hardie, Qin Sheng, Min Shao, and K. Barner, "Improved Optimization of Soft Partition Weighted Sum Filters and their Application to Image Restoration", Applied Optics, Vol. 45, No. 12, P 2698 - 2706 Apr 20, 2006
  • Y. Lin, R. Hardie, and K. Barner, "Subspace Based Partition Weighted Sum Filter For Image Restoration", IEEE Signal Processing Letter, Vol. 12, No. 9, P 613 - 616 Sep 2005.
  • Y. Lin, R. Hardie, and K. Barner, "Subspace Partition Weighted Sum Filter For Image Deconvolution", IEEE Inernational Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 2005 (ICAPP 2005), Philadelphia, PA, USA, March, 2005
  • Y. Lin, and R. Hardie, "Wavelet-based Partition Weighted Sum Image Deconvolution", IEEE Great Lakes Photonics Symposium 2004 (GLPS 2004), Cleveland, OH, USA, June 2004.
  • T. Ohori, T. Domi, Y. Lin, and K. Watanab, "Online Kanji (Chinese Characters) handwriting recognition by modified Perception with a consideration of recognition order", The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (1991) D, Vol. 111 - D., No. 12.
  • T. Ohori, A. Nishimura, T. Domi, Y. Lin, and K. Watanabe, "Generalization of the Simple Perceptron by an Additional Learning", The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Japan (1991) D-II, Vol. J74-D-II, No. 11, P 1472 - 1474
  • Y. Lin, T. Ohori, and K. Watanabe, "Online Kanji recognition by modified pattern mapping method", Information and Processing Symptom Hakkaido '91, A8, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 1991.