Electrical and computer engineering products are often integrated into systems used by other types of engineers, scientists, medical professionals, musicians, photographers, etc.   As a result, even if you don't plan to major in electrical or computer engineering, you may benefit from a minor in electrical or computer engineering.

Electrical Engineering Minor

The electrical engineering minor provides an understanding of the fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering. This includes a variety of applications involving electrical/electronic circuits and microprocessor systems. It combines a strong base in engineering science with project-based laboratory and design experiences.

For detailed curriculum requirements, see the electrical engineering minor page.

Computer Engineering Minor

Computer engineering is an exciting discipline that blends topics from electrical engineering (such as digital hardware) and computer science (such as computer programming fundamentals) to create digital systems that benefit society. The computer engineering minor includes a solid foundation of mathematics, science, and computer programming followed by computer engineering fundamentals such as digital system design and computer architecture.

For detailed curriculum requirements, see the computer engineering minor page.