A male student works with Dr. Corti on a robotic arm

One important decision you need to make as you consider your career interests and goals is your major. The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) offers majors in Manufacturing Engineering (MFG), Mechanical Engineering (MCH) and Engineering Management with a Manufacturing Engineering Technical Specialty (EGM) leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

These majors have similarities but are also unique in their own important ways.

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineers design, develop, and control the manufacturing process so that quality products can be produced on time and at a competitive cost. For additional information on manufacturing engineering as a career, you may wish to visit

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers research, develop, analyze, design, and manufacture tools, engines, power systems, machines, and other mechanical devices and systems. For additional information on mechanical engineering as a career, visit

Engineering Management

Persons with an engineering management background in manufacturing engineering combine engineering, business, science, mathematics, and the liberal arts to help address technological problems in their larger organizational or societal contexts. For additional information on engineering management as a career, you may wish to visit