Undergraduate Projects

Student explaining his senior design project

Senior Design Project, MME 448/449, is a two-course sequence taken by MME seniors.  The sequence allows students to research problems and apply their knowledge gained in their earlier years at Miami in such areas as engineering, science, humanities, and social sciences to solve these problems.  The engineering design method is used to solve these problems.  This method includes: recognizing a need, defining the problem, synthesis, analysis, evaluation, presentation, and implementation.

In the first course, MME 448, the students are presented with projects given by regional companies or other sources, such as the department faculty.  They form small groups (typically 4 or 5 students), choose one project and spend the whole semester conducting literature and marketing research.  The major part of this research is to identify constraints, such as customer needs, economical, societal, ethical and environmental; define the problem, and brainstorm and develop ideas.

These ideas are evaluated according to criteria the team develops. The best three are selected as proposals for the customer.  At the end of this course, the students prepare a report to the customer that includes information about their research and details of their proposals.

In the second course, MME 449, the students meet with the customer and faculty advisors to evaluate their three proposals and select one to implement.  Because engineering design is an iterative process, students find that some of their original ideas need to be re-evaluated or re-worked. The students’ final design solution is presented as a physical model (in the company or lab), computer simulation, or a combination of both. 

Here is a partial list of the projects completed during the 2015-2016 academic year :

JetCat Engine

Melvin Ilkwubuo, Brendan Connelly, Zachary Silvestri, EJ Kathman, Ethan Gaston, Brian Jones

Water Table for Plasma Cutter

Cole Bukowy, Jiarui Che, Nick Hemmert, Sean King, Bryce Ziegman


Portable Solar Desalinator

Emma Kunimoto, Rachel Juhola, Ted Price, Connor Metz, Brooklyn Harris


ABC Therapy Piano Board

Steve Foreman, Victoria Hodges, Katie Bloom, Nick Lovelace, Josh Listermann


BioLock BioContainment System

Andrew Karle, Andrew Templeman, Loren Cornwell, Christopher Diner, Brennan Jackson, Scott Martin, David Forsythe, Jake Meade, Shannon Armstrong, Casey Biles, Craig Hanson, Amariyah Yisrael