Dean Dollar's Address

Dean Dollar addressing graduating seniors

Good afternoon to you, members of the Class 2020. Good afternoon to all who are participating in this virtual event to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students.

My name is Marek Dollár and I am Dean of Miami University’s College of Engineering and Computing.

I’m honored, proud and moved, to be speaking to you, albeit virtually, on this very special day. I am honored because it has been truly an honor to be, as dean, a part of your, members of the Class 2020, transformational journey at Miami University. I am proud of your many accomplishments that enabled you to complete your programs of studies and receive university diplomas. And yes, I am moved, because it‘s not the day all of us might have imagined, not the day with processions, diploma handoffs, parties, and an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness. Graduating, however, is a tremendous achievement, certainly worth pausing to celebrate even in these unprecedented and extremely challenging circumstances.

To the families that are watching this unique graduation ceremony I know this is not what you envisioned for your daughter's or son's graduation. But I can assure you that the have reached this milestone because of your love and support. To our graduates I say... I challenge... when you leave this virtual world make sure you give your family support structure a real world hug!

It is also an opportunity to express your gratitude to your parents, your families and your friends who have stood by you throughout the years and are with you today, if not in person than in spirit. Graduates, when you leave this virtual world give your loved ones a real world hug.

I already said how proud I am of our students. I would be remiss though if I didn’t mention how proud I am of our college’s faculty, staff and administrators, who have equipped our graduating students with many ingredients they need to become excellent professionals capable of meeting today’s and tomorrow’s critical challenges.

And what formidable challenges engineers and computer scientists face - from advancing renewable energy and reversing the degradation of the environment, to providing global access to clean water and restoring and improving urban infrastructure, to advancing health informatics and engineering better medicines, to enhancing virtual reality and reverse-engineering the brain, to preventing nuclear terror and securing cyberspace. And the list goes on and on.

My sense of pride of our students’ and faculty is further deepened by my belief that our programs in engineering and computing have prepared today’s graduates to make their communities, this country, and indeed the world, not only a more technologically advanced and connected, but also a more sustainable, safer and healthier place.

Members of Class 2020, all of us in the College of Engineering and Computing are also truly hopeful that our attempts to enhance your social consciousness, global awareness, and cultural sensitivity will allow you to solve problems and design solutions that advance the idea of improving the quality of life of individuals and general well-being of communities and societies.

In closing, I would like to leave each of you with the hope that as you make your own choices over time, you will be able to balance your drive for achievements with a commitment to love and to play, to family and friends, to your community and the nation.

Members of the Class 2020: May all of you fare well on the journey ahead.

Members of the virtual audience, please join me in wholeheartedly congratulating our graduates on this day that means so much to them and to their families and friends.