Each department has their own advisor for the Humanitarian Engineering and Computing minor. If you have questions or would like to declare the minor, contact the HE&C advisor in your major department for his/her signature, and submit the form to the Dean's office.

Students are encouraged to formally declare the minor as soon as they make the decision to pursue it, but MUST declare it no later than a semester before taking the Senior Capstone.

Dr. Jason Boock

Dr. Jason Boock
Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering
66B Engineering Building

Dr. Daniela Inclezan

Dr. Daniela Inclezan
Computer Science and Software Engineering
205C Benton Hall

Miao Wang

Dr. Miao Wang
Electrical and Computer Engineering
260D Garland Hall

Dr. Jeong-Hoi Koo

Dr. Jeong-Hoi Koo
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
56M Garland Hall

Brian Kirkmeyer

Dr. Brian Kirkmeyer
College of Engineering and Computing

Keisha Norris

Keisha Norris
College of Engineering and Computing

Pre-Approval of projects and courses:

Independent Study projects, capstone courses, and study abroad courses with service components must be preapproved by the  HE&C Minor Steering Committee.

Double counting courses:

  • A minor can count as a Thematic Sequence for the Miami Plan; if a student does claim the minor as his/her Thematic Sequence, then there can be one course overlap with the Miami Plan Foundation.
  • If a student declare the thematic sequence within the major (many/most of the CEC majors include a thematic sequence built into the curriculum), and in addition complete the minor (not declaring it as a thematic sequence), then all Miami Plan courses can overlap!
  • The HE&C designated senior capstone sequence meets the requirement of the minor, the major and the Miami Plan

The following majors allow courses taken for the minor to also count in the indicated Miami Plan categories:

Miami Plan Foundation IIA: Creative Arts

All Majors

Miami Plan Foundation IIB: Humanities

  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • General Engineering (Depending on course selected)
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Miami Plan Foundation IIC: Social Science

  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Miami Plan Foundation IIIB: Global Perspectives

All Majors*

*General Engineering depends on course selected