CSE Organizations

Check out organizations associated with the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering!

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA is the hub of all things aerospace at Miami, including design  projects and competitions, workshops, professional events, tours, and  Aerospace-related social events. We design, build, and fly radio-controlled  aircraft and model rockets in the names of fun and learning. Anyone with  the slightest interest in airplanes, rockets, or space travel can contact  us at aiaa@miamioh.edu.
Advisor: Dr. James VanKuren ( vankurjt@MiamiOH.edu)

Association for Computing Machinery

Association for Computing Machinery An organization for technology-oriented majors and minors. We promote student development in software and computer science skills. We also encourage involvement in the CSE department.
Advisor: Norm Krumpe (krumpenj@MiamiOH.edu)

Association for Computing Machinery-Women (ACM-W)

Association for Computing Machinery-Women (ACM-W)Our mission is to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. It is our vision to reach gender parity in computing and technology sectors. We accept people of all genders and gender identities as members and officers. We accept people of all majors with an interest in technology.
Advisor: Dr. Karen Davis (davisk4@miamioh.edu).

CSE Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council consists of students that meet on a regular basis with the head of our department. This group provides advice and leadership when it comes to hiring new professors, forming student organizations such as B1TS, and sponsoring social events for our students, such as Paintball and game nights.
Advisor: Dr. Eric Bachmann (bachmaer@miamioh.edu).

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code Girls Who Code is a student organization where Miami volunteers teach 5th - 12th grade girls and boys about computer science, while emphasizing the importance of a community that supports women in technology. Our focus is primarily on web development, but also introduce more advanced topics such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to close the gender gap in technology by inspiring, educating, and equipping our students with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.
Advisor: Zulal Sevkli (sevkliaz@miamioh.edu).


Our goal is to organize and run events for kids in the Oxford area that promote teamwork and problem solving through the use of computer programming. No computer science knowledge is needed; we are open to all majors.
Advisor: Norm Krumpe (krumpenj@MiamiOH.edu)

Miami University Cyber Security Club

Miami University Cyber Security Club The MUCSC discusses Ethical Hacking methods and strategies as well as how to prepare, defend, and mitigate against cyber threats. Each member gains valuable insight through workshops, practical application, and knowledgeable guest speakers. The MUCSC thoroughly discusses and analyzes the world of cyber security as well as the tools and techniques used in this field. Hacking tools are used in a controlled manner to gain a greater understanding of how they work and how to defend against them. Advisor: Suman Bhunia (bhunias@MiamiOH.edu)