Virtual Experience 2020 Code of Conduct

Graduates seated before the stage, a field of Miami red caps and gowns. Graduates seated before the stage, a field of Miami red caps and gowns.
Virtual Commencement 2020 Code of Conduct

Welcome to Miami University’s Interactive Virtual Commencement Experience. This interactive environment is available so that you may share the graduation experience with up to 20 students, faculty, or staff at a time. This virtual space has been created to provide you the opportunity to virtually engage with one another and enjoy the commencement experience together.

Only Miami University faculty, staff, and students may enter these rooms. In order to enable everyone to participate fully, these rooms may be monitored for technical and other problems.

Your conduct in these rooms is subject to all applicable Miami University rules and policies, including the Code of Student Conduct.

Please report any violations of the Code of Student Conduct to the Office of Community Standards at This includes conduct that is:

  • Defamatory
  • Harassing or Discriminatory
  • Obscene
  • Inciting or facilitating violence including threats of violence or harm and intimidation

Violations of the Code of Student Conduct may result in the delay of the award of your degree or in serious cases the denial or revocation of your degree (dismissal).

By entering this virtual environment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this message and agree to abide by these standards of conduct.