Vaccine Planning Committee

Miami announces plans for Fall 2021 return to campus

2021-2022 academic calendar

As part of the planning for a return to face -to-face instruction in the fall, the University is working to provide the COVID-19 vaccines to all faculty, staff and students who choose to be vaccinated. Although we do not currently have access to the vaccine for general distribution, we believe all faculty and staff will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of July. We hope to be able to host our first vaccine clinic in April 2021 and continue throughout the summer.

We are excited about returning to in-person classes and operations by Fall 2021 and hope you are too! Until then, please continue to support each other by staying Healthy Together!

If you have questions- Please send them to


Coordination Group

  • Terri Buzzell—TriHealth
  • Rob Dunham—TriHealth
  • Dawn Fahner—Human Resources
  • Jaime Hunt—Communications and Marketing
  • Steve Large—Student Life 
  • Stephanie Nicely—Faculty
  • Robin Parker—Group Leader
  • Cody Powell—Facilities Planning
  • Phil Smith—Faculty
  • Tim Wilson—Faculty

Employee Vaccination Working Group

  • Dawn Fahner—Human Resources
  • Ruth Groom—Provost’s Office
  • Bess Sprockett—Academic Personnel Services
  • Karen Wilson—Benefits

Student Vaccination Working Group

  • Stephanie Dawson—Student Disability Services
  • Kyndal Fletcher—Student
  • Steve Large—Student Health
  • Joe Mikulin—Graduate Student
  • Jen O'Brien—Student Life
  • Ellen Peters—Student
  • Trey Petrella—Student
  • Phil Smith—Faculty 
  • Katie Wilson—Armstrong Student Center

Regional Campuses

  • Pete Haverkos—Student Life
  • Stephanie Nicely—Faculty