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Work Impact

Should I come to work if I experience side effects?

Some people in the clinical trial have experienced injection site pain or redness, fatigue, muscle/joint pain and headache. These side effects may be more likely after the second dose of the vaccine. It is OK to come to work with very minor symptoms. All others should be reported to your doctor. Employees will need to follow normal call-off procedures with a fever of 100°F or more.

Do I need to continue masking after I receive the vaccine?

  • Yes. Receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine will not change any requirements around masking and physical distancing at this time.

Will university employees be required to receive the vaccine?

  • The COVID-19 vaccine will not be required at this time. The University will revisit this topic once the vaccines receive full FDA approval.
  • Masking, handwashing and social distancing continue to be a defense against the virus.

Are my family members eligible to receive the vaccine?

We are following the national, statewide and our institutional distribution plan. Initially, only employees will be eligible. As more vaccines become widely available, the University will revisit the issue.