Remote Learning Toolkit

Remote management can feel like a totally different challenge than managing people you work side by side with. Things that work in an office setting don’t always translate in the same way to remote employees.

Best Practices to Support your Remote Staff

  • Make time for small talk
  • Use video as much as you can
  • Avoid canceling one-on-ones
  • Establish frequent contacts
  • Aid in connecting with the Miami community by providing updates regarding accomplishments, celebrations, challenges, and upcoming events
  • Ensure that there is a clear understanding of the task at hand
  • Follow through on requests and do your best to remove obstacles when you can

Resources to Successfully Work Remotely

Remote Work Technology Toolkit

  • VPN Access (CiscoAnyConnect) - VPN employs encryption and other security means to secure your data when using your computer through public network access (wired or wireless) off-campus. Miami uses a product called Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Each time you activate VPN you will be required to log in using DUO
  • Miami Softphone - A softphone is an application that runs on computers and smartphones that emulates your office desk phone.
  • Network File Storage (MUFiles/myFILES) - Miami provides departmental storage and shared space using MUFiles, and personal storage space using myFiles. When accessing your Network file storage, (i.e., MUFILES/MYFILES, M:/drive, G:/drive, etc.) from off-campus, you will need to use Miami's VPN.
  • Zoom or WebEx - Video/voice/screen sharing, conference tools
  • Google G Suite - Collaboration and file-sharing applications
  • Miami’s App Portal - Miami's AppPortal technology streams applications to your computer or device, making the application appear as if it is running from your computer or device. Some of the applications that are available through AppPortal include:
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Banner 8
    • Control-M
    • Kronos
    • Milestone
  • MU-Wireless - The main network that you will use for most of your devices and purposes while on campus.
  • DUO Security - Two-factor authentication is required when using University resources

Tech Support

It is critically important that eligible staff have the appropriate equipment and connectivity to work remotely. We strongly encourage managers and staff to work together to test these teleworking capabilities before they are needed and resolve any issues.

Miami University Remote Work Expectations

Record and be aware of borrowed or loaned office equipment. Include these items in Remote Work documents.

Types of Equipment: (to be reviewed and approved by leadership)

  • Computer - desktop or laptop, tablet
  • Additional monitors, keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone/stipend
  • Printer and/or copier paper
  • Office supplies, business cards
  • Miami ID and name tag