CPAC Newsletter

2021-2022 CPAC Members

Cheryl Birkenhauer (Chair)
Teacher Education & Kinesiology

Angela Coffey (Vice Chair)
Enrollment Management & Student Success

Thyra Sens (Secretary)
Marcum Conference Center and Inn

Candace Taylor (Event Planner)
College of Engineering & Computing

Andrew Bechtol
Building and Grounds

Dana Miller Carlsen
Hamilton Campus/Regional Libraries

Bonnie Crabtree 
Family Science and Social Work

Jennifer Fox
Emerging Technology in Business + Design

Alicia Miller
Center of Teaching Excellence

Juanita Schrodt
German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures

April Turner
Food Service

Lauran Franklin (Ex Officio)
Human Resources

Gail King (Ex Officio)
Political Science

Want to make more money

Job Enrichment Program

The Miami University Job Enrichment Program (JEP) provides resources for professional learning to help the University develop and retain valuable Classified Staff members as well as maximize job performance and individual satisfaction. Staff are encouraged to develop their knowledge in ways that are meaningful and satisfying while fulfilling the mission and needs of the University.

Successful completion of Job Enrichment learning opportunities may result in a Job Enrichment Bonus, a Premium Pay Increase, or an Advanced Component Bonus.

Key benefits of the program include:

  • Recognizes and rewards growth in job knowledge and expertise
  • Fosters continued quality service to the University community by providing learning opportunities for highly motivated staff
  • Offers a variety of learning opportunities including in-person workshops, e-learning and self-study courses 
  • Encourages collaboration between staff members and supervisors to plan and manage professional learning and job growth

Job Enrichment Award Chart

  • Bonus 1: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 2: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 3: 50 points, $550 premium pay increase: $.55 per hour
  • Bonus 4: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 5: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 6: 50 points, $550 premium pay increase: $.65 per hour ($1.20 per hour total premium pay)
  • Bonus 7: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 8: 50 points, $550
  • Bonus 9: 50 points, $550 premium pay increase $.80 per hour ($2.00 per hour total premium pay)
  • Advanced Component Bonus 1, 2, ect.: 50 points, $550

Holiday Schedule

Winter Break - Tuesday, 12/24/2019 (University closed; not a paid holiday*)
Winter Break - Wednesday, 12/25/2019 Christmas Day
Winter Break - Thursday, 12/26/2019 (observance of President's Day)
Winter Break - Friday, 12/27/2019 (observance of Veteran's day)
Winter Break - Monday. 12/30/2019 (University closed; not a paid holiday*)
Winter Break - Tuesday, 12/31/2019 (University closed; not a paid holiday*)
Winter Break - Wednesday, 01/01/2020 New Year's Day