CPAC Meeting Minutes July 2018

July 12, 2018

In Attendance:

Melissa Allen - Chair, Pamela Hogeback - Vice Chair, Christie Schlichter - Secretary, Amy Corrington, Cathy Edwards, Richard Kiefer, Emma Lester, Penny Mannix, Elizabeth Maurer, Marla Niebling - Ex-Officio, Pat Powers - UPAC Member, Debbie Smith

Absent: Laura Desmond and Shannon Schweitzer Ex-Officio

Welcome & Announcements:

Welcome to our new UPAC representative, Pat Powers from IT. A special thank you to Debbie Smith for hosting the meeting at the Middletown campus and for the wonderful Olive Garden lunch!

HR Updates:

Wage and compression letters will be mailed by the end of this week to the staff’s home address. The letters were simplified for ease in understanding the information. Staff should be reminded of the total compensation package each person has at Miami as we are very fortunate.

No known anticipated change to benefits for the upcoming year.

Lots of positions posted on the Miami University website; please refer friends and neighbors to check out on vacancies and apply if they are interested.

New Member Nomination/Applications

Laura Desmond was re-elected as the Oxford representative and Gail King was elected as the Hamilton representative. Alternates are Alicia Miller for Oxford and Sheila Williams for Hamilton. Melissa will send recommendations to Ted Pickerill and Ted will contact the new members as well as will notify those who were not elected.


The committee would like to reinstate the preparation and distribution of a newsletter. Emma Lester volunteered to take on this task.

Benefits Fair

The Benefits Fair is scheduled for the following dates:

October 2 - Oxford Campus

October 3 - Hamilton and Middletown Campus

Suggested giveaways for the CPAC table were pens, chapstick and post it notes.

Holiday Project

Melissa mentioned that the committee should start thinking about their donation for the Holiday Project. In the past, CPAC has raffled a $50 Miami Catering gift certificate; however, committee members would like to raffle something different this year. Committee members will continue to brainstorm about possible donation ideas. Melissa also mentioned that there was a tax exempt issue, in which Anita Sackenheim has been working with Accounts Payable. Marla offered to connect with Anita to see if she could be of assistance.

Committee Updates:

In the future, sub-committee members were asked to provide a written report of their update to Christie.

Benefits - Amy Corrington - No Report

CODI - Laura Desmond - No Report

University Senate: Elizabeth Maurer - No Report

I am Miami - Debbie Smith - The new updated design of the “I am Miami” t-shirts have been ordered for convocation and the regional campuses.

Fiscal Priorities - Melissa Allen - Nothing to Share

Parking & Transportation - Fab Bohon - No Report

Classified Compensation Committee - Richard Kiefer - No Report

Climate Survey Committee - Cathy Edwards - No Report

CPAC/UPAC Member Swap- Debbie Smith reported Pat Powers will be the UPAC member attending CPAC meetings and Debbie will continue attending UPAC meetings for the next academic year.

Meeting adjourned - Next meeting August 9th @ 8:30 am Shriver Center - Bystrom Room