July 2019

July 24, 2019

In Attendance:

Laura Desmond - Chair
Sheila Williams - Vice Chair
Emma Lester - Secretary
CPAC Members: Fabienne Bohon, Jennifer Hicks, Gail King, Penny Mannix, Alicia Miller Marla Niebling - Ex-Officio Melissa Allen - Ex-Officio Christina Grote - Hamilton Campus UPAC Representative Anita Sackenheim - Holiday Project Representative Absent: Amy Corrington, Cathy Edwards, Rich Kiefer, Pat Powers


Amy Corrington, Cathy Edwards, Rich Kiefer, Pat Powers

Welcome and Announcements:

  • Laura gave an introduction to our new CPAC member, Jennifer Hicks, who is representing the Middletown Campus. CPAC members introduced themselves to Jennifer, who works as a Library Associate.
  • Laura thanked Sheila Williams for hosting us on the Hamilton Campus and providing us a wonderful lunch from Panera Bread!! Also the “swag bags” that Sheila put together were amazing and loved by all.

New CPAC Members:

  • We need to vote on 2 new members, we have 3 potential. Applications were reviewed prior to the meeting.
    • Applicants were: Juanita Schrodt, Emily Dreisbach, Cheryl Birkenhauer
    • 6 voted for Emily, 5 voted for Cheryl which put Juanita Schrodt as an alternative.

HR Announcements (Marla):

  • AFSME Contract is solidified through 2022 (for the next 3 years).
  • Changes to affect everyone: ○ Longevity bonuses. As of December 1, 2019 if you have had the following consecutive years you will receive a longevity bonus (for the next 3 years):
    • 5 years – 9 years: 1 %
    • 10 years – 14 years: 1.5 %
    • 15 years – 19 years: 2 %
    • 20 years – 24 years: 2.5 %
    • 25 years and up: 3 %
      • Entry level starting pay was low compared to the market value so beginning July 1 st the first rate is $13.00 for the starting position in housing and dining. This made the rates go up for G1, G2, F1, F2, H1 etc..
      • Lean Leader pay is not included in this.
    • Also a change that will affect everyone is the start of mandatory drug testing prior to beginning any position. That is for new hires and for departmental moves.
    • Immunization is going to be mandatory for some positions.
      • You will need to provide documentation of shots of Miami will pay to have them.
      • More information on this to come.
  • Jill Sandlin is HR is leaving so there will be a position opening up.
  • The wage increase in July was based on your own wage. So instead of getting the average of what 2% would be for your position, you get your own 2%. 
    • If anyone has questions regarding this, please call Gary Barnes.

Miami Holiday Project (Anita):

  • Anita gave some important dates regarding the Holiday Project and when things will be done:
    • Important Dates:
      • October (on Wednesday’s at noon): Book Sorting
      • Book Package put together
      • Sorting gifts and kind (only new): November 27 th (the day before Thanksgiving)
      • Monetary Donations: Due December 4 th
      • Shopping date at Meijer: December 7 th at 6:00 am
      • Meijer will give us a donation on this day
      • Wrapping December 9 th – December 12 th
  • Remaining funds (not spent) will go towards the purchase of red bags for next year.
  • We are no longer allowed to ask for grants, however can still accept donations.
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a group to help with beds and Lovely’s Furniture in Middletown donated beds at their cost!
  • Children ages 13-18 years old are the children who need the most at this time.
    • Hygiene items are needed for this age group.
  • Emma volunteered to be the CPAC representative for the Holiday Project

Closing Announcements (Laura):

  • Karen Wilson will be at our September meeting to go over benefits.
  • Discussed possible locations for our meetings in the upcoming year. 1:20 Meeting Adjourned.
Next meeting September 12 th , Shriver Center, Harrison Room