October 2019

October 10, 2019

In Attendance:

Laura Desmond - Chair
Gail King - Vice Chair
Emma Lester - Secretary

CPAC Members: Cheryl Birkenhauer, Amy Corrington, Emily Dreisbach, Jennifer Hicks, Rich Kiefer, Penny Mannix, Alicia Miller Lauran Franklin (HR Representative)


Fabienne Bohon, Melissa Allen - Ex-Officio, Pat Powers (UPAC Representative)

Art Museum Tour

  • This meeting began by taking a quick, 30 minute tour of the Art Museum
  • The Tour was given by Jason Shaiman
  • I think we all agreed that we would love to go back and spend more time exploring.
    • What a very interesting place!!!

HR Update:

  • Lauren: Open Enrollment Deadline is October 31st.
  • Alternative Retirement Plan and 403B Should have received mailings.
    • December 20th is the deadline to select, if nothing is selected people will be defaulted to a plan.

Subcommittee Information -- Please update the Google Folder

  • Benefits – Amy: Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • University Senate – Penny: Senates involvement in the Strategic Planning has been the main topic at each meeting. The second topic that has been covered most is TCPL.
  • Classified Staff Compensation – Rich: Nothing to report, haven’t had a meeting since June.
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion – Cheryl: University Senate wants the committee to be revised to become an actual committee and not a counsel. Tomorrow (October 11th) is the Diversity and Inclusion Conference.
  • I AM MIAMI – Emily: Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Fiscal Priorities – Alicia: At their meetings President Crawford, Jason Osborne, Dr. Creamer and David Ellis talked about student enrollment vs dollars coming in.
  • Parking and Transportation – Fab Bohon: Absent ○ CPAC/UPAC Swap – Laura: She has not been to a meeting yet.
  • Holiday Project – Emma: Spent quite a bit of time on the Holiday Flyer with Anita Sackenheim and the flyer has been dispersed to the University.


  • 20 people attended
  • Eric was asked about doing another one in January or March
  • Emily volunteered to organize this event (thanks Emily!).
    • Decided the next Strengthfinders will be in January

Coffee and Connect

  • Coffee and Connect in Oxford has been moved to Shriver due to high attendance responses.
  • Laura will attend the Hamilton Coffee and Connect
  • Jennifer will be at Middletown

Benefits Far

  • Raised $80.00 for the Holiday Project from raffle tickets (unfortunately that is half of what was raised last year).
    • If you need more raffle tickets, get with Alicia
    • Also turn in Money to Alicia


  • UCM said to wait until December to explore our options

CPAC Email Account

CPAC Newsletter

  • Gail volunteered to work on this and will make sure to include the CPAC email on the newsletter.

Miami Matters

  • On October 18th Miam Matters will have a promo for CPAC and where to purchase raffle tickets.

Healthy Miami

  • Points are due by November 15th

CPAC Conference

  • Shriver
    • Bring in more health, mind and wellness speakers.
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are currently reserved.
    • Look at the shared spreadsheet on the google drive.

Raffle Basket Winners:

  • Drawing on November 14th!
  • Bring all your raffle tickets and cash.

CPAC Picture

  • Gail asked about picture updates
  • Laura is going to contact the photographer.

9:40 Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting: Goggin Ice Arena Conference Room