September 2021

September 9, 2021

Cheryl brought the meeting to order

The Vaccination policy was discussed, and questions were asked in regards to how to submit information and what are the timelines? A reminder to submit information will be sent out to all employees.

Dawn Fahner joined the meeting to discuss what was going on with “Remote” work as it applies to both Classified and Unclassified employees. Dawn explained the process for applying for Remote work for Unclassified employees and what the approval process entails. There have been many questions as to why Unclassified employees and why not Classified employees. It was explained that a large majority of Classified employees are customer facing, Human resources is also looking at other groups and learning more about this process. There are also tax issues that arise due to how many days an employee works remotely.  There is continued discussion about working from home if you have been exposed or tested positive but feel fine, do you have to use sick time. An employee can discuss with their supervisor and this information can be emailed to Dawn and/or Maquetta. Employees are asked to please continue to use Electronic Absence Reporting when missing work due to illness.

The question of not being able to mark no lunch in TCP was brought up, Dawn replied that after reviewing Kronos quite a few employees were not taking lunch on a regular basis. Employees must now go through their supervisor to report no lunch break. There has been discussion as to whether employees must clock in and out for lunch breaks, but no decision has been made. There are federal and state regulations about having to offer employees break, paid and unpaid.

Updates from Subcommittees:

University Senate – Jennifer reported that most discussion is about policy and Faculty issues.

Fiscal Priorities – Alicia reported that the committee continues to meet weekly for 1.5 hours. They are meeting with the Deans, there is also an extra meeting regarding RCM and Net Revenue updates.

CODI- Juanita replaced April, there have been no meetings yet.

UPAC-Cheryl reported that University Legal Counsel, Robin Parker is retiring in December. She is working to finish weather policy in regards to campus closures.

Coffee and Connect “Healthy Miami” – We would like to plan for this virtual event to take place in the first two weeks of October due to open enrollment and the Healthy Miami Discount deadlines. Cheryl will provide Lauren with a few dates to see if we can get something scheduled with Karen Wilson. Benefits are currently short staff members at this time.

MUM representative – Dana sent an email to Regional staff and has no response as of yet.

There is discussion about Chartwell, who some of the food service has been outsourced to. This is very frustrating to long time food service staff due to the benefits and pay that Chartwell is offering. At this time it has been very difficult for the University to fill these positions.

Lastly, Student Employment has a new employee, her name is Kim. There are now two Kim’s in the office.

Meeting was adjourned.