Graduate Student Mentorship

Eligibility: Full-time faculty and staff

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: October 9, 2020

Purpose and Description

The purpose of this community is to develop training materials and resources to assist Miami University faculty in providing the best possible mentorship to graduate students. While the University has a long-standing tradition of high-quality research and scholarship by undergraduates, the University does not have the materials or training resources for faculty that provide a similar basis of support for robust and effective graduate student mentoring. 

This community will work to improve the training environment for Miami University graduate students through enhancing capabilities and awareness of faculty with regards to academic and research mentorship, career development, and mental health best practices. 


  • Members will attend FLC meetings once every 3 weeks.
  • Members will learn about the range of mentorship needs and approaches at the University. 
  • Members will discuss topics during meetings to help direct them in the items needed for a successful graduate student mentorship program. 
  • Members will create training materials and resources. 
  • Members will use the agile project management approach during meetings. 



  • Jamie Anzano, Biology
  • Kristen Budd, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Joseph Johnson, Psychology
  • Anna Klosowska, French and Italian
  • Claire McLeod, Geology and Environmental Earth Science
  • Matthew McMurray, Psychology
  • Rick Page, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Facilitator
  • Michael Vanni, Biology
  • Karthik Vishwanath, Physics
  • Rose Marie Ward, Graduate School and Research Office; Facilitator
  • Timothy Wilson, Microbiology