Midcourse Evaluation White Paper

Report from the Senate Center for Teaching Excellence Committee

Midcourse evaluation is a powerful tool that can be used to improve instruction and student learning. Midcourse evaluation strengthens communication between students and instructors to enhance teaching excellence at Miami University.

We, the Center for Teaching Excellence Senate Committee, submit this White Paper to offer a detailed proposal on midcourse evaluations at Miami University. We have come to the conclusion that midcourse evaluations are valuable processes that should be encouraged as long as instructors retain control of the process and products.

Our committee members spent significant time discussing and debating midcourse feedback, and its implementation processes. Considerable time was allocated to analyzing literature on midcourse evaluations, and soliciting input from colleagues who offered a wide range of perspectives.

As such, we have compiled a list of recommendations for midcourse evaluation processes at Miami University:

  • Self-selection: Instructors choose whether to participate.
  • Implementation: Instructors select the evaluation tool.
  • Results: Instructors maintain control of data.

Class structure, student composition, and teaching approaches should inform the delivery method and content of the midcourse evaluation. Attached to this document, we have provided examples of midcourse evaluations, key selection considerations, and suggestions for their implementation.

We encourage all instructors to consider the benefits of using midcourse evaluations to strengthen communication with your students and enhance your teaching effectiveness by practicing a short cycle course improvement.

Committee Members

Ellen Yezierski, Chair
Rose Marie Ward, Director of Center for Teaching Excellence
Janice Kinghorn, Senate Liaison
Faculty Members: Annie-Laurie Blair, Dennis Cheatham, Darrel Davis, Cynthia Govreau, Lynette Hudiburgh, Steven Keller, Janice Kinghorn
Graduate Member: Bethany MacMillan
Undergraduate Members: Brianna Minshall, Nicholas Spurgus