Midcourse Evaluation Considerations for Instructors

Course Content Focus

  • What aspects of the course do you want feedback on?
  • Will the midcourse feedback be on the whole course or part of the course (e.g., the syllabus, an assignment, an exam)?

Format of Evaluation

  • Will the midcourse feedback be student feedback or colleague feedback?
  • How does the size of your class impact the midcourse feedback process?
  • What types of questions do you want to use (open-ended v closed-ended questions; mix of questions)?
  • Do you want the same questions that are provided on the end of course evaluations?
  • Should the responses be anonymous or do you want to follow up with specific students based on responses?

Time Investment

  • How much time do you want to devote before the course to format the evaluation?
  • How much class time do you have to deliver the midterm evaluation?
  • How much time outside of the class do you want to devote to processing the evaluation?

Delivery of Evaluation

  • Do you want the midcourse evaluation delivered online, on paper, verbally, or through another method?
  • Should the students see one another's responses on the midcourse evaluation?
  • Should the students work in groups to produce the midcourse feedback?
  • Is the midcourse feedback process accessible and inclusive to all learners in your course?

Results and Reporting

  • Who do you want to have access to the results of the evaluation? (e.g., chair, administration)
  • In what format will you communicate the results (e.g., annual report or dossier) if you are sharing them?
  • What is your end goal or purpose in collecting these feedback results? (e.g., tenure, class improvement, teaching development)

Impact of Results and Validity

  • Do you want a person other than yourself to deliver the midcourse evaluation?
  • If someone else, what are the qualifications of the people conducting the midcourse evaluation?
  • How much of the course are you willing to change?
  • What are your plans for sharing the results with the students?