The Importance of Teacher Empathy in Student Success

Original Lilly Conference, 2016 Plenary Presentation

Katherine Rowell, Center for Teaching and Learning, Sinclair Community College

All too often, faculty focus on technology and pedagogical strategies in improving teaching and learning. In recent years, new and compelling research has been published examining the often noted "affective" domains of student learning. This presentation will explore new and exciting research on the importance of teacher empathy in increasing student learning and success. Participants will learn about research on teacher empathy as well as have an opportunity to explore their empathy index.

Session Objectives: (1) Learn about the research on teacher empathy in the college classroom and the relationship to student success. (2) Analyze our own levels of empathy (3) Explore ways we can increase empathy in our teaching. (4) Receive a bibliography along with teaching tips you can use on Monday when you return to your college campuses.

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