Can eLearning Technologies Help Students Learn Abstract Concepts? A Project in Deploying Augmented Reality Trails of Integrity and Ethics on Four University Campuses

Original Lilly Conference, 2017 Plenary Presentation

Eva Wong, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University

The advent of information technology (IT) seems to have exacerbated the issue of students not observing academic integrity or behaving ethically. But can IT be used to help students learn abstract concepts such as academic integrity and ethics (AIE) more effectively? This plenary session will present a project that makes use of the latest advances in augmented reality (AR) coupled with mobile technology. The project is led by Hong Kong Baptist University with three partners: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Begun in the fall of 2014, the project immerses students in collaborative problem-solving tasks that reinforce the links between the theoretical concept of AIE and practical applications in everyday contexts. The positive learning outcomes have encouraged us to share our experience with the aim of extending the scope of this approach in helping more students learn abstract concepts more readily.

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