Miami Welcomes Ryan Baltrip as Director of Digital Learning Initiatives

ryan-baltrip-headshot.jpgDr. Ryan Baltrip, Director of Digital Initiatives, joins Miami University.

Dr. Ryan Baltrip joins Miami University as the new Director of Digital Learning Initiatives, overseeing eLearning Miami. Baltrip is an experienced educational innovator. He has previously led two different institutions to become nationally recognized and award winning eLearning programs, most recently at William & Mary. 

With a "teaching first, technology second" mentality, Baltrip is excited to see how the eLearning team can serve and support others at Miami in developing effective, high-quality instruction that utilizes technology and partnering with others to ignite sparks of educational innovation. 

eLearning Miami also welcomes two new staff members, instructional design and technology specialist Anthony Jones-Scott and video production specialist Benjamin Hartman.