Exploring Authentic Assessment

Few topics in teaching and learning elicit the range of opinion and level of concern that assessments seem to for both students and faculty. Given their impact on everything from grades to teaching practices, this is not surprising. Fortunately, a wide array of resources is readily available to help you navigate the various issues around the many types of assessments.

In addition to our upcoming sessions, a great place to get a general sense of some of the issues around assessment is the Inside Higher Education article in which Mark Lieberman conducts a Q&A session with Dianne Conrad and Jason Openo on their book Assessment Strategies for Online Learning.

To delve deeper into what is termed Authentic Assessment see our Learning Design Resources: Essential Concepts. There you will find an overview of this type of assessment from our colleagues at Indiana University, along with an extensive list of examples and ideas for learning activities. You should also look at the Inside Higher Ed piece on how using authentic assessments is one approach that can help ensure the integrity of your exams. We will look at other assessment strategies and their impact on academic integrity in a future session.

Finally, if you prefer multimedia presentations on the topic, the University of Florida provides a series of videos on various pieces of the assessment puzzle.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming sessions.

Exams vs. Alternative Assessments

Join us for the first installment of our series on Assessment. In this session, we explore ways to assess learning that go beyond the traditional exam. Connect with us to learn more (or share your ideas and expertise) on Wednesday, October 21, at 3pm.