Faculty Bootcamp: Work Out Your Skills

There is a fantastic array of tools and techniques available to add flexibility to your teaching and course design. Using these tools and techniques efficiently and in pedagogically-driven ways requires practice and planning. Our upcoming sessions are a great way to do both.

Fortunately, there are some great resources to make your time in our sessions even more rewarding. Our session on "Instructor Presence" will provide details of the concept and practices to enhance this vital element in your courses. One of the best places to familiarize yourself with this idea and the framework to which it belongs is the blog from Athabasca University.

Our discussion of Quizzes and Alternative Assessments will present some options to get beyond the more common assessment options. Beckie Supiano's article in the Chronicle of Higher Education provides an excellent overview of how developing an array of assessments can have benefits beyond variety as they tend to bolster academic integrity.

Likewise, our tool-oriented workshops provide a chance to hear some of the ways our learning designers and fellow faculty members have utilized technology to increase engagement, address issues like academic dishonesty, and foster learning.

Our workshops on Proctorio, Webex, and Zoom will walk you through the decision-making process of which tool is best for your particular use, as well as how to go about implementing it most effectively and efficiently. Our sessions on Canvas Course Structure and Canvas Enhancements will address how to structure your course for ease of navigation and intuitive organization and some options for enhancing visual appeal and functionality.

Finally, be sure to attend our vendor-led sessions on Top Hat and VoiceThread. While there are several courses already utilizing Top Hat, VoiceThread is entirely new to campus. These are great opportunities to learn about current features and get a glimpse of future possibilities.

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