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Final Countdown: Get Your Spring Course Ready to Launch
As the term start date draws closer, you'll probably have completed a lot of planning, building, and maybe even redesigning. Now, as we countdown to the beginning of Spring 2021, you can take these steps for your course(s) to ensure a strong, successful start.
Best Practices for Final Exam Proctoring
As we are near the end of the fall semester and final exams approach, we expect there will be high Proctorio usage at Miami as well as across the country. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a few best practices to ensure that Miami students have a smooth exam experience during these high-stress times.
Faculty Bootcamp: Work Out Your Skills
There is a fantastic array of tools and techniques available to add flexibility to your teaching and course design. Using these tools and techniques efficiently and in pedagogically-driven ways requires practice and planning. Our upcoming sessions are a great way to do both.
Scaffolding Your Assignments for Learning
While one of the most researched and discussed aspects of teaching and ensuring student success, scaffolding is often overlooked in practice. Fortunately, this repository of research provides an array of resources for improving the scaffolding in your courses.
Leveraging Web Conference Sessions for Learning
Using your synchronous meetings to their fullest potential is no easy feat. Our upcoming session will be a chance to hear some of the innovative and pedagogically useful ways to utilize the technology's various features to increase engagement and foster learning.
Upholding Academic Integrity for Remote Exams
While ensuring academic integrity is always a concern, the move to fully or partially online teaching and the increased reliance on online exams and assignments that have come with it have led many to revisit the discussion of how the issue is best approached.
Discussion and Collaboration Strategies
Many faculty feel their online discussions rarely elicit the engagement with course content they would like or provoke the type of nuanced conversations they intended. Yet, there are faculty who see discussion forums as a vital, foundational piece of any course. As with most tools, how it is used largely determines the results.
Asynchronous vs. Synchronous eLearning Strategies
Deciding what content and activities work best synchronously versus what works better asynchronously can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, there are many useful resources available to help.
Exploring Authentic Assessment
Few topics in teaching and learning elicit the range of opinion and level of concern that assessments seem to for both students and faculty. Given their impact on everything from grades to teaching practices, this is not surprising. Fortunately, a wide array of resources is readily available to help you navigate the various issues around the many types of assessments.