Faculty Bootcamp Winter 2020-21

Miami Online Faculty Bootcamp Winter 2020-21

Join us for our upcoming support series! From December 7–11 and January 11–15, we will be introducing an exciting, new tool and offering ongoing support and training opportunities on a variety of topics. Register below.

December 2020 schedule

Monday, December 7
Instructor Presence Online (11am)
Canvas Course Structure (3pm)

Tuesday, December 8
Webex for Live Sessions (11am)
Quizzes and Alternative Assessments (3pm)

Wednesday, December 9
Proctorio (11am)
Top Hat (3pm)

Thursday, December 10
Zoom for Live Sessions (11am)
Introducing VoiceThread (3pm)

Friday, December 11
Canvas Enhancements (11am)
Introducing VoiceThread (3pm)

January 2021 schedule

Monday, January 11
Canvas Course Structure (11am)
Instructor Presence Online (3pm)

Tuesday, January 12
Quizzes and Alternative Assessments (11am)
Webex for Live Sessions (3pm)

Wednesday, January 13
Introducing VoiceThread (11am)
Proctorio (3pm)

Thursday, January 14
Video Editing with Camtasia (11am)
Zoom for Live Sessions (3pm)

Friday, January 15
Introducing VoiceThread (11am)
Canvas Enhancements (3pm)

Session descriptions

Instructor Presence Online: The key to student success is their dedication to their course work and you, the faculty. Your knowledge and experience will assist students in preparing for their careers—but only if you are in the course providing feedback, guidance, and support.

Canvas Course Structure: Ready to set up your course for the next term? Join us for this two hour session where we will explore setting up a course using modules. We will also examine the relationship of assignments to the gradebook and publishing content and the course. Come ready with your course syllabus, assignments, and a notepad. There will be time for you to share your screen and ask specific questions.

Webex for Live Sessions: How do you engage students in a synchronous session without you being the center of attention? Explore ways to use Webex to engage your students through polling, breakout rooms, and encourage students to participate.

Quizzes and Alternative Assessments: Explore how alternative assessments like debates, role play and case studies can replace quizzes to gain high order thinking and allow students to demonstrate mastery of the objectives.

Proctorio: Explore best practices for final exam proctoring—from student preparedness and Proctorio setup to interpreting the Proctorio Gradebook.

Top Hat: Top Hat is a cloud-based system that you can use to create interactive presentations, share live quizzes and polls, take attendance, and more. Students can use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to actively participate with Top Hat in your face-to-face class, or you can create an interactive text to share in Canvas for your online class.

Zoom for Live Sessions: Explore strategies for engaging students in active learning in your online session using Zoom to engage through engaging presentation methods, polling, breakout rooms, and more.

Introducing Voicethread: Miami University has officially licensed VoiceThread, an interactive, web-based application that allows you to create narrated presentations, host audio/video-based discussions, and give feedback on media like images, videos, documents and more. In this session, we’ll show you how to get started with VoiceThread and integrate it into your Canvas course.

Canvas Enhancements: What’s new in Canvas for Winter and Spring? Join this session for a review of what changes are coming to Canvas at the end of the Fall. This session will also go over the gradebook options for setting grade posting and late work policies.