Connect with Your Network

Connect with Your Network

Transitioning your course to remote delivery takes time and support, so knowing your support network and connecting with them early can help speed up the process and make it more manageable.

Who is your support network?

Divisions and departments. As part of the quick transition to remote instruction, eLearning Miami partnered with divisions and departments to create a network of coordinators and faculty ambassadors to support and mentor faculty. Many divisions and departments have created their own system to share ideas and connect faculty who need assistance with faculty willing to help. 

Find your contacts on the Continuity of Education Coordinators Network page.

Colleagues. Now is an ideal time to reach out to colleagues in the same field or who teach/have taught the same course. Finding new ways to collaborate together and share ideas will help you support each other and your department's ability to offer the high-quality learning experience for which Miami University is known.

eLearning Miami. eLearning Miami continues to add help guides, resources, and training opportunities to its Continuity of Education and Digital Learning websites. eLearning's experienced team of instructional designers can provide guidance on best practices in course design and online course delivery through group consultations and department-specific training. Liaisons are assigned to your college or department.

IT Services. As you explore technology options for your course, you may find that a technology tool supported by the university or your own software/hardware isn't performing as you would expect. Miami's IT Services maintains over 2,000 knowledge base articles to help you find a solution. Sometimes, however, it takes a personal touch to find solutions to your technical questions; in this case, you can call IT Help at 513-529-7900 or chat virtually with them at

Center for Teaching Excellence. The Center for Teaching Excellence has adapted their programs, services, and resources to support remote instruction, including virtual consultations with CTE staff.

Rinella Learning Center. The Rinella Learning Center has transitioned some of their services online, including remote tutoring appointments. They also provide support information for students to help them develop strategies for remote learning. 

Miami University Libraries. From subject matter librarians, streaming and digital collections, and open education resources to journal articles and research collections, the Miami University Libraries can assist in many aspects of transitioning your instruction to remote delivery. Check out their Libguide for Online Courses to learn more or for information on how to reach them via chat, text, or phone.

Howe Writing Center. The Howe Writing Center provides online appointments and support for students who need assistance with writing assignments.