Video Production Tools

Video Production Tools

This list includes a wide variety of hardware and software tools that will help you improve your media content. There are some smartphone video/audio production and editing apps for both iOS and Android. If you'd like to edit on your laptop or desktop, some web-based apps and programs that you can download to your computer will help. 

All of this software is free unless otherwise noted, and each of these programs will yield compelling results that you can put to use to create materials that help you engage and connect with your students remotely. 

Screen recording on a computer… with software you already have:

  • Windows 10: It has built-in screen capture functionality.
  • Quicktime: It can be used for screen recording (free, built in in MacOS).
  • Kaltura Personal Capture: Record, upload, and embed videos in your course from directly in Canvas with this tool. Kaltura Capture has unique, interactive playback options for your students, as well as annotation tools you can use while you record. This is a great tool to use for recording your instructional videos. 

Notable Third-party Screen Recorder 

  • Screencast-O-Matic. The free version allows for screen capture and audio recording, but it places a watermark on your screen. The Deluxe version is approximately $20/year and removes the watermark and allows for simple video editing as well. If you only plan to voice over presentation slides with some minor editing, the Deluxe version would be a good all-in-one tool. 

Go Analog

Record yourself working out a problem on paper or on a whiteboard. Try out Google DIY Document Camera, and get inspired. 

Smartphone Video/Audio Producing Apps

  • Adobe Mobile Apps (iOS & Android): Specifically, see Rush (free version is limited), Comp, Spark Post, Spark Video, Draw, Photoshop Express. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe Rush will come at no cost. 
  • Voice Memos (iOS): Simple, no-frills audio recording.
  • Easy Voice Recorder (Android): Simple, no-frills audio recording for Android.
  • Parrot (Android): An alternative, simple audio-recording app for Android. 
  • Garageband (MacOS/iOS): Audio editing and music creation software.
  • Filmic Pro (iOS & Android - $15): Are you unsatisfied with the amount of control you have over your smartphone camera app? This app provides all the control you could ask for— so much, in fact, it has been used on several feature films. 
  • Hoonuit online Mobile Moviemaking 101: This 3-hour course on the smartphone video creation process is accessible when you’re logged in via MyMiami.

Desktop Resources

  • WeVideo: A cloud-based video editing platform with a built in stock video, music, and audio effects library. It requires a subscription, but this can be provided by the Miami University Libraries.
  • Hoonuit WeVideo Essentials: A 1-hour course on editing with WeVideo that’s accessible when logged in via MyMiami.
  • DaVinci Resolve (MacOS/Windows): Primarily known for its color correction and grading functionality, which is industry standard, its video and audio editing functionality has been steadily improving over the years and now is widely embraced as a professional tool. Note: Not for Beginners
  • Adobe Premiere - Among the most widely used video editing platforms in the world. Note: Not for Beginners
  • Hoonuit Premiere Pro 2018 - Advanced: A 2-hour course on the process of editing with Premiere Pro that is accessible when logged in via MyMiami.
  • SoundCloud: You can record a podcast and publish it to Canvas. See Canvas guides on embedding a podcast and adding a playlist to your course for more detail. 


Are you (or your department) willing to spend a few dollars for some simple smartphone filmmaking equipment that will enhance the quality of your work? Check out our list of affordable options.