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Exploring Authentic Assessment
Few topics in teaching and learning elicit the range of opinion and level of concern that assessments seem to for both students and faculty. Given their impact on everything from grades to teaching practices, this is not surprising. Fortunately, a wide array of resources is readily available to help you navigate the various issues around the many types of assessments.
Know Your Audiences? Engaging Your Students Across Modalities
In addition to our session, there are several great resources on managing multiple audiences for your course and making the best use of the choices available to you for structuring your class. Regardless of the terminology, there is something for nearly any situation.
Flexible Formats: A Primer for Faculty Decision-Making
In light of Miami's return to campus, our Flexible Formats: A Primer for Faculty Decision-Making guide shares ideas for designing courses that offer a healthy balance of structure and flexibility whenever face-to-face course delivery is disrupted.
Faculty Share Ideas and Advice for Online Teaching
We surveyed faculty to find out their plans for the Fall semester in an effort to share insights with the wider Miami community. These are the ideas and pieces of advice that faculty would give to their colleagues who may be new or uncomfortable with online teaching.
How Faculty Are Planning for Fall 2020
We surveyed faculty to find out their plans for the Fall 2020 term so that we could share with the wider Miami community. This is how some faculty are planning for a remote start.
Digital Learning Environment Committee announces changes affecting Canvas Conferences and BigBlueButton starting March 30, 2020
On Monday, March 30, 2020, Canvas Conferences using BigBlueButton will no longer be available for video conferencing due to factors including new budget, support services, and platform stability implications. Existing BigBlueButton recordings will remain available for 14 days after the recording date.
Shift from Surviving to Thriving in Remote Delivery
Many faculty have begun the shift from figuring out the logistics of remote delivery to thinking through how to take their remote teaching to the next level. To further guide you through this process, we'll be offering a series of webinars and training opportunities over Spring Break called Shift from Surviving to Thriving in Remote Delivery.
FERPA Still Needs to Be Honored
In an email to faculty and staff, the Provost reiterated that the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act still needs to be honored in our temporary shift to remote delivery of instruction.
Just in Case: A Plan for Continuity of Education
In the unlikely event of a disruption to normal operations on Miami University's campuses, including classroom instruction, we can take proactive steps to allow learning to continue.