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Your Input Helps the Miami Community
How are you preparing for the fall? Share your ideas and help your colleagues!
Digital Learning Environment Committee announces changes affecting Canvas Conferences and BigBlueButton starting March 30, 2020
On Monday, March 30, 2020, Canvas Conferences using BigBlueButton will no longer be available for video conferencing due to factors including new budget, support services, and platform stability implications. Existing BigBlueButton recordings will remain available for 14 days after the recording date.
Shift from Surviving to Thriving in Remote Delivery
Many faculty have begun the shift from figuring out the logistics of remote delivery to thinking through how to take their remote teaching to the next level. To further guide you through this process, we'll be offering a series of webinars and training opportunities over Spring Break called Shift from Surviving to Thriving in Remote Delivery.
FERPA Still Needs to Be Honored
In an email to faculty and staff, the Provost reiterated that the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act still needs to be honored in our temporary shift to remote delivery of instruction.
Just in Case: A Plan for Continuity of Education
In the unlikely event of a disruption to normal operations on Miami University's campuses, including classroom instruction, we can take proactive steps to allow learning to continue.
Communication Is the Key to Online Learning
Communication is a vital part of the online learning environment for students. As Miami faculty, your experience, knowledge, guidance, and feedback are all essential to creating a quality learning experience for your students.
How to Use Your Smartphone to Enhance Student Experience
With the investment of a relatively small amount of time and little to no money, you can leverage your smartphone toward the creation of multimedia elements that will help engage students and create a connection that can improve their experience in a course.
How to Create Effective Online Discussions
Used well, discussion boards can add a sense of community, enhance writing and thinking skills, and provide a space for in-depth reflection on various issues. Discussions can become problematic when administered in a way that overly burdens students with writing and instructors with grading. So how might you deliver an online discussion that accentuates their positive aspects while minimizing their negatives?
Understanding and Enhancing the Student Experience
At eLearning Miami, our mission includes partnering to enhance the Miami experience. One aspect of that mission means we carefully consider the student experience. What do we mean by student experience, and how can it be assessed and improved?