Configuring and Using Your Gradebook

  1. From the course navigation, click the Grades link.
  2. The main Gradebook allows you to see all students, assignments, and grades. In the Gradebook menu, you can also switch between several available options:
    • Learning Mastery displays the Learning Mastery Gradebook, which assesses outcome standards being used in Canvas courses.
    • Individual View allows you to assess one student and one assignment at a time and is fully accessible for screen readers.
    • Gradebook History displays the Gradebook History page, which logs recent grade changes in the course according to student, grader, assignment, and date.
  3. The View menu allows you to filter and sort the Gradebook according to several viewing options:
    • Arrange By: Arrange columns by default, assignment name, due date, points, or module
    • Filters: Filter columns by type (assignment group, section, modules, student groups, and grading period, if applicable)
    • Statuses: View and change the color for a grading status (late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, and excused)
    • Columns: Show or hide the notes column and the unpublished assignments column
  4. The Actions menu allows you to bulk manage student grades in the Gradebook, you can also import grades and export grades.
  5. The gradebook Settings icon allows you to:
    • Apply Late Policies
    • Set Grade Posting Policies to apply course-level policies that define how and when grades are posted to students.
    • Apply Advanced settings.

Entering Grades in the Gradebook

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.
  2. Locate the student name and assignment where you want to enter a grade.
  3. Grades are entered according to the assignment's Display Grade setting. Grades can be entered as one of five options:
    • Points
    • Complete/incomplete
    • Letter grade
    • Percentage
    • GPA