Importing Grades into Canvas

If you have grades that exist outside of Canvas, follow these steps for importing grades into Canvas:

  • Download the Gradebook from your Canvas course as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Add the grades to the Excel spreadsheet
  • Import the grades back into Canvas.
It is important to start with the download from Canvas, because that sheet will contain all of your students and their associated identifiers.
  1. Open your Canvas course.
  2. Open the Gradebook tab
  3. Under Actions, select export
    1. You should get a dialog box prompting you to open or save the file. I open the file.
  4. You will get an text import dialog box, it is ok to accept the defaults and simply click "ok"
  5. The spreadsheet will have several existing columns. Do not modify these columns. You want to add your assignments as columns to the right of the existing columns.
    1. For each column, Row 1 is the assignment name and Row 2 will be the number of points the assignment is worth.
  6. Make sure the students in your paste line up with the students already present in the spreadsheet.
    1. You might be prompted to change the format of the file. Do not do this, keep the file in the original csv format.
  7. Save the document and remember the name and location.
  8. Go back to canvas and now under Actions, select import
  9. Browse for the file you just created and select it.
  10. Click "Upload data" to start the upload.
  11. Canvas will now give you a page that lists all the new assignments. For each assignment you can will need to change the dropdown box to "a new assignment"
  12. Click continue. You will be given a preview panel. If you are ok with the import click "save changes"
  13. Once the import is complete the gradebook will be displayed and you can verify the import.

Note: Read this Canvas Community document for more details on this process.