Sending Email From Your Canvas Course

With the Inbox feature, you can send an email to all, some, or one student in your course.

  1. Click the Inbox link in the global navigation menu (the dark gray, left-most menu.) Your Canvas email inbox will be displayed. 
  1. Click the Compose button at the top of the page. The "Compose Message" pop-up window will be displayed.


  1. Click the Select course dropdown menu, and select the course you want to send a message to.

  2. Click the address book icon to select who you want to send messages to. 

  3. Select the Send an individual message to each recipient checkbox if you want to prevent students from sending replies to the entire class. 

  4. Enter a title for your email. 

  5. Enter the content of your email. 

  6. Click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the window if you’d like to attach a file. 

  7. Click the play icon if you’d like to record a short video message to include with your email.

  8. Click the blue Send button at the bottom of the window. Your message will be sent to the students you selected.

Note: You can view more Inbox guides on the Canvas website.