Learning Design

Teaching first, technology second

The Learning Design Team exists to create effective, exceptional (high-quality), and engaging learning experiences. With a firm background in pedagogical theory and practices empowering all that we do, we support faculty in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality learning experiences.

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Learning Media

Creating engaging multimedia experiences

The Learning Media Team supports the creation of engaging and high-quality multimedia to enhance student learning and the Miami experience. Using a variety of professional tools and techniques, we can help faculty engage students – online or in the classroom – and feel more comfortable communicating through video and multimedia. The Media Team provides three levels of multimedia services: course- or program-related, extended services, and special projects.

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Learning Innovation

Igniting sparks of learning innovation

The Learning Innovation Team takes a faculty-centric approach to learning innovation and seeks to support faculty and be strategic partners with them as they research and practice new, innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Our department also creates opportunities for faculty to explore new educational terrain through various project grants, research grants, faculty fellowships, and awards that honor faculty exploring learning innovation.

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Learning Technology & Support

Partners in instructional technology and student support

A variety of technology is utilized in teaching and learning across campus. Faculty, staff, and students have a variety of needs when it comes to using educational technology effectively. This team serves these needs across the university by coordinating with various units to ensure we are using leading educational technology, supporting its implementation and adoption, and supporting its use. 

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Canvas Help

Canvas Help

Classroom Technology

Classroom Tech

Learning Effectiveness

Our office strives to enhance the Miami experience by ensuring the overall effectiveness of online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced learning. We can help programs assess how they utilize eLearning to improve their programs' outcomes. At a course level, we promote the use of quality standards to guarantee all online offerings contain the same academic quality that our undergraduate, residential students experience. Additionally, our office is involved with accreditation, state authorization, and other processes that allow digital and innovative learning to be as effective as possible. 

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Global & Lifelong eLearning

With Miami’s strong reputation for global learning, eLearning is a partner that harnesses its liaison focus with divisions/departments to help them consider extending their offerings beyond the United States. eLearning can help foster the development of global partnerships with international universities to offer new degree programs. By coordinating with Global Initiatives, eLearning helps create and sustain innovative initiatives, collaborations, and opportunities that intersect both global and digital learning. eLearning can work with others to help create new lifelong digital learning opportunities for alumni from Miami University of any of its colleges. 

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Online Learning

Developing an online program can be an exciting journey for any academic department and faculty. There are many benefits to developing an online program. Explore the pillars of online program development, as well as a development timeline and ways to get started.

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