Hybrid Instructional Training

Hybrid Instructional Training

Hybrid Instructional Training (HIT) is a four-week training program that supports faculty in designing, developing, and delivering effective and engaging hybrid or blended learning experiences. Hybrid courses are considered 25 to 75 percent online, with the remainder of the course being delivered face-to-face.

The program is a hybrid, cohort experience where faculty will be engaged in the online learning environment, meet face-to-face as a group, and consult one-on-one with an Instructional Designer. At the end of this journey, a faculty member will have a portion of their course development completed according to best practices and be empowered to finish the course development at their own pace. Faculty will earn a stipend if commitments are met.

  • Complete online exercises, course development plan, and prototype modules.
  • Attend all scheduled face-to-face or web meeting sessions.
  • Contribute to community of practice with your peers.

How to Apply

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