Learning Design

With a firm background in pedagogical theory and practices empowering all that we do, the Learning Design Team supports faculty in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality learning experiences.

In the Online Course Development Program (OCDP), faculty work with eLearning Miami to design and develop a high-quality, fully online course that meets industry-based quality standards. Faculty are empowered with best practices and technology skills, while engaging in regular consultations with from our Instructional Designers and Video Producers that ensure personalized attention.
We support the development of hybrid or blended learning courses – where 25-75% of the instruction is delivered online, with the remainder delivered through a face-to- face (or experiential) element. Hybrid Instructional Training (HIT) is an intensive program supports faculty in designing, developing, and delivering effective and engaging blended learning experiences.
Departments or groups can request targeted training sessions based on a number of topics, such as Canvas, video recording or screen capturing tools, authentic assessment, and more.
eLearning strives to be a source of support for all faculty. Request an individual consultation, or reach out and start a conversation.