Learning Effectiveness

We strive to enhance the Miami experience by ensuring the overall effectiveness of online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced learning. 

Assisting Program Improvement

Our goal is to enhance on-campus, residential programs with strategic eLearning elements. We support blended modalities – online, hybrid, or simply technologically-enhanced face-to-face courses. We can help programs assess how they utilize eLearning to enhance their programs' outcomes.

Enhancing Course Effectivenses

At a course level, we promote the use of quality standards to guarantee all online offerings contain the same academic quality that on-campus students experience. We help departments assess online course offerings and are committed to making iterative improvements of online courses. Our office also equips faculty teaching face-to-face courses with technology tools that can improve student learning.

Memberships and Partnerships

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Additionally, our office is involved with accreditation, state authorization, and other processes that allow digital and innovative learning to be as effective as possible.