Global & Lifelong eLearning

With Miami's strong reputation for global learning, eLearning supports Global Initiatives in its efforts to extend Miami offerings beyond the United States.

Education Abroad

Working with Education Abroad, in the office of Global Initiatives, our office hopes to streamline and enhance program and course-level offerings by providing a template for study abroad courses and equipping study abroad faculty with technology tools.

Explore Education Abroad at Miami

Global Partnerships

eLearning can help foster the development of global partnerships with international universities to offer new degree programs. By coordinating with Global Initiatives, eLearning can help create innovative new initiatives, collaborations, and opportunities that do not exist yet but intersect both global and digital learning.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) projects unite students from all over the world by partnering faculty from international institutions. Two or more faculty work together to develop a module, course, or program that transcends borders and provide a common learning experience for students worldwide. COIL projects typically involve digital technology to enhance teaching and learning.