Learning Innovation Fellows Experience (LIFE)

The Learning Innovation Fellows Experience (LIFE) is designed to give individual faculty members a unique opportunity to be more deeply equipped in multifaceted, multimodal 21st Century pedagogy and be empowered to utilize their growing knowledge, skills, and abilities in new and exciting ways within the university. Those participating as a LIFE Fellow will not only foster innovation that enhances their own teaching practice but prepares them to make a larger impact on their discipline, department, division and encourage higher levels of student success.

Duration of LIFE Fellows Program: The LIFE program is a year-long program that is a deep partnership between the group of selected faculty and the Office of eLearning.

LIFE Program Benefits

  • A stipend of $3,000 from the Office of eLearning
  • Substantial collaboration with eLearning around learning design, 21st Century pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, instructional technology, etc.
  • Collaboration with a group of faculty from across the university
  • Training in the effective use of tools and software
  • Logistical arrangements and program coordination

LIFE Program Schedule

LIFE Program Schedule
What? When?
LIFE Equip 3-day bootcamp that deeply dives into discovering more about learning innovation Winter (prior to Spring semester start)
LIFE Empower Weekly meetings to reflect on and discuss eLearning issues and
needs. (Alternating: one week with eLearning; next week, divisional meetings)
During Spring semester
LIFE Explore

A deep dive that analyzes and examines eLearning both in and
outside the university at a strategic level, which involves:

  • 1.5-day bootcamp in May (at end of the Spring semester)
  • Bi-monthly meetings via Webex throughout the remainder of Summer
  • 1.5-day bootcamp in early August (right before Fall semester)
LIFE Enhance Weekly meetings to reflect on and discuss eLearning issues, needs, improvements, etc. (Alternating: one week with eLearning; next week, divisional meetings) During Fall semester

LIFE Program Partnership Commitments

  • Attend all LIFE bootcamps (during term breaks) and participate in weekly meetings (during the traditional Fall/Spring terms).
  • Plan and implement a specific project or set of activities to incorporate new and innovative pedagogies into the curriculum of a program or department.
  • Collaborate with other LIFE Fellows and eLearning throughout the duration of the program.
  • Share experiences in the program with the broader academic community (e.g., divisional meetings, department meetings, blog articles related to eLearning, research papers, conference presentations).

How to Apply

The application period for the Learning Innovation Fellows Experience (LIFE) is closed as of October 21, 2019. Applications are currently being reviewed. Subscribe to email updates to hear about future opportunities.