Learning Innovation

The Department of eLearning sponsors a number of opportunities to support Miami faculty members in developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning and conducting an evidence-based inquiry into the best technologically-enhanced teaching practices.

Innovation Grants

For the 2019-2020 academic year, eLearning is funding a series of grants to support course-level learning innovation. We invite proposals grounded in our commitment to creating high-quality learning experiences, and we seek to partner together to explore various learning innovations that may be able to foster or enhance the powerful and unique Miami learning experience.

All faculty and full-time instructors are invited to submit proposals focused on one or more of the new and emerging tools and technologies, approaches, and/or teaching strategies that we have listed as "exploration areas" for the 2019-2020 academic year. Funding levels for awards will vary between $500 - $1,000, depending on the type of project and resources required for implementation.

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Learning Innovation Fellows Experience

The Learning Innovation Fellows Experience (LIFE) is a year-long program designed to give individual faculty members a unique opportunity to be more deeply equipped in multifaceted, multimodal 21st Century pedagogy and be empowered to utilize their growing knowledge, skills, and abilities in new and exciting ways within the university. Those participating as a LIFE Fellow will not only foster innovation that enhances their own teaching practice but prepares them to make a larger impact on their discipline, department, division and encourage higher levels of student success.

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Innovation across campus

Outside of grant and fellowship opportunities, the office of eLearning collaborates with key partners to support innovative initiatives across Miami campuses.

Teaching and Learning Analytics Community

eLearning has partnered with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to form the Teaching and Learning Analytics Community (TLAC). The focus of this Community is to encourage faculty to collect learning analytics data to make strategic decisions about how to help their students learn best. Participation in the series is for tenure-track, tenured, and TCPL faculty. The Community will consist of faculty Fellows from across the University.

Successful proposals will (1) identify a teaching and learning problem or challenge regarding students’ learning; (2) identify a data source to address the problem and solution; (3) describe how the data analysis has the potential to solve the problem or overcome the challenge; and (4) propose a dissemination plan for results.

Applications for the Teaching and Learning Analytics Community are currently closed. 

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eLearning Miami and the Regionals E-Campus (an online division of Miami University Regionals) jointly proposed a strategy to offer microcredential opportunities across all Miami University campuses. The plan was selected as one of the inaugural  Boldly Creative Initiatives in 2019.

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