Learning Media

What We Do

The Learning Media Team supports the creation of engaging and high-quality multimedia to enhance student learning and the Miami experience. Using a variety of professional tools and techniques, we can help faculty engage students – online or in the classroom – and feel more comfortable communicating through video and multimedia. The Media Team provides three levels of multimedia services: course- or program-related, extended services, and special projects.

Foundational Work

The bulk of our work supports our cohort of instructors in the course design program. These instructional videos have high priority on our schedule.

Extended Services

Extended Services encompass course-level instructional videos for faculty outside of the course design program, including former cohort participants.

Special Projects

Special Projects can include department or program-level video needs, or other opportunities for innovation. This is where we push the envelope with creative projects and aim to create something new.

How We Do It

We use a variety of professional tools and techniques to help faculty engage students through visual storytelling devices. Our seasoned producers help faculty feel comfortable presenting and communicating through video and multimedia.

An instructor is being filmed in a green screen studio

Green screen studio

A controlled recording environment where you can present in front of any background you choose.

A teleprompter displays text.


Prepare your remarks in advance and look into the camera (making eye contact with your audience) while presenting.

Instructional videos with images, slides, and/or graphics

We can add your high quality visuals to the video to emphasize key information.

Whiteboard style

Draw, write, or annotate on the screen while walking students through a topic or problem.

Documentary style

Storytelling through interviews and b-roll footage.

Students roleplaying a narrative scene

Narrative style

Act out scenes with students, colleagues, or others.

A female professor in a laboratory

On-location shooting

We can record in the most appropriate place for the topic, whether that is in our studio, your office or lab, outside, or in the community.

Demonstrations and experiments

We can use techniques like extreme slow motion to show how something works.


We are able to show change over time in timelapse videos.

Voiceover and podcasting

Audio storytelling can be a powerful way to convey information to audiences.


We use this professional tool to steady a moving shot, similar to a Steadicam.


We can use programs like Adobe Character Animator to create animated videos.


Use your objects, artifacts, or costumes to bring the content to life.

Multiple camera

Utilizing more than one camera angle adds  dimension to videos.

Coming Soon



We will be able to capture birds-eye view footage with our new drone.


You will be able to draw on a piece of glass while facing the camera with this new tool.

Interactive projects

We will be able to create “choose your own adventure” branching activities using programs like Adobe Captivate.

Augmented and virtual reality


We are exploring developing these types of media.