Learning Technology & Support

A variety of technology is utilized in teaching and learning across campus. Faculty, staff, and students have a variety of needs when it comes to using educational technology effectively. This team serves these needs across the university by coordinating with various units to ensure we are using leading educational technology, supporting its implementation and adoption, and supporting its use.

Digital Learning Environment

A digital learning environment refers to the variety of tools and resources that are used to effectively conduct learning and teaching in a digital capacity. This can include servers, softwares, systems, and more.

eLearning Miami administers and supports the use of Canvas, Miami's chosen Learning Management System (LMS). This includes integration with Kaltura (a video repository), Proctorio (online test proctoring), and Turnitin (plagiarism detector).

Access Canvas

Canvas Support

Classroom Technology

In addition to our focus on digital spaces, the Learning Technology & Support team, in partnership with IT's Technology Support Services, also focuses on classroom technology and how it can be used to empower faculty and enhance face-to-face courses. For advice on ways to incorporate technology into your on-ground teaching, our Instructional Designers are happy to help.

Committees and Partnerships

eLearning is a part of the conversation surrounding technology across campus, with a voice at the table on various committees. We coordinate with other support units, such as Academic Directors of Technology (ADOT), Access MU, and IT Services.