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Our mission is partnering to enhance the Miami experience by encouraging the effective practice of digital and innovative learning. We strive to facilitate that goal as much as possible by providing a number of different ways to communicate with us. Fill out the form below, book a remote consultation, or submit an IT help ticket.

Remote Consultations

Joined by faculty/staff volunteers, we are offering individual consultations to discuss online learning pedagogy, ways to adapt face-to-face activities for remote delivery, how to best utilize learning technology in your course, and more.

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Remote Video Help

If you need help with tools including Kaltura Personal Capture or Webex, or want to enhance your self-produced videos, eLearning's team of experienced video producers and media specialists is offering remote video support.

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Contact the IT Help Desk for technical assistance, including issues with Duo two-factor authentication, problems with connectivity (i.e. being unable to connect to Webex), or other questions about technology-related issues.

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