Letter from the President

Miami President Gregory Crawford

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From President Gregory Crawford

At Miami University, Diversity and Inclusion are central. From our Fight Song to our Alma Mater, our Code of Love and Honor to our Values and Mission Statement, our Strategic Vision to Policies and Procedures, our core and mission is grounded in the belief that diversity and inclusion is our strength. We hold and work to ensure this belief for all members of this community.

We strive to be a community where all perspectives are discussed and celebrated in the true spirit of an engaged academic community—a place where ideas are freely exchanged, modified, and evolve because we know that new perspectives and experiences bring new visions and knowledge that can lead to even better ways of viewing and experiencing problems and our relationships with each other and the world.

Our forward movement and work to improve diversity and inclusion across the entire Miami system is aided by our belief that the work of diversity and inclusion is not static. The material on this site will change over time because we are changing and moving forward. News and Events, The Code of Love and Honor, Freedom Summer Activities, Research, Programs and Resources (including faculty and staff affinity organizations), Demographic Data, Policy and Procedures and Reports and updates on opportunities to engage in dialogues or discuss our progress of university wide diversity and inclusion efforts will appear on this page. As the page evolves our searchable database will become more complex and detailed. Periodically you will see messages from me that address various issues and aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Beyond highlighting the comprehensive work, passion, and commitment of members of this community, this site is an expression of our dedication to diversity and inclusion. It also expresses who we are, many individuals aspiring to be One Miami.

Love and Honor

Gregory P. Crawford