Miami Nation Principles

In the fall of 2000, the Miami Nation designed the set of banners, represented below, that reflect the spirit of the four basic principles of Institutional Diversity at Miami:

  • Weeciilantiiyankwi: Helping Each Other
  • Neepwaantiiyankwi: Teaching and Learning
  • Maawipempaaliyankwi: Walking Together
  • Kweehsitaatiinki: Respect Each Other

Click each banner to listen to the spoken words and learn the meaning of each banner.


Helping Each Other

The black banner contains the Miami word weeciilantiiyankwi, which embodies the concept of "helping each other." We accomplish things through cooperation and helping each other. When we are children, we need the help of our parents, and when we are old, we need the help of our youth. We cannot get through life without the help of our friends, loved ones, and all of our relatives.


Teaching and Learning

The red banner contains the Miami word neepwaantiiyankwi, which embodies the concepts of "teaching and learning." Some knowledge must be shared, and it is through sharing and teaching we learn. As we learn and become the knowledge bearers, it is our responsibility to pass that knowledge on so we can grow and build upon the knowledge of past generations.


Walking Together

The yellow banner contains the Miami word maawipempaaliyankwi, which embodies the concept of "walking together." Metaphoric terms are common in the Miami language, and walking together, as used here, implies acceptance towards others, regardless of their culture, personal views, or education. Individual uniqueness is valued in the traditional Miami culture.


Respect Each Other

The blue banner contains the Miami word kweehsitaatiinki, which embodies the concept of "show respect to each other." We respect our elders, all living things, the seen and unseen, and all of life. We respect the creator who made us all unique and placed us here on this earth to walk our own, yet intersecting paths.