Job Description Considerations

Use of Inclusive Language

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Minimum Qualifications

  • Do not use statements such as "Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be considered."
  • If necessary, "stack" levels based on your needs
    • Not every position will require every level; make sure the minimum qualifications truly reflect what is minimally needed for the position.
    • Examples:
      • Bachelor's degree in _____ field(s) and two (2) years of related experience; OR
      • Associate's degree in _____ field(s) and four (4) years of related experience; OR
      • Six (6) years related experience
  • Paid student jobs/internships and Graduate Assistantships automatically count at the rate of 50% unless otherwise stated in the minimum qualifications.
    • Example:
      • An individual that worked as a student employee from August 2020 through May 2021 would be considered to have 5 months of experience (10 months at 50%).
  • Degrees & State Date
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