Search Committee Documents

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Faculty and Unclassified Searches

Miami University has established specific search procedures for recruiting and appointing:

  1. Tenured and tenure-eligible faculty, lecturers and teaching faculty (collectively referred to as faculty)
  2. Unclassified administrative staff (UAS) 

Searches must comply with all of the respective search procedures found in MUPIM and in the Interview Guidelines and Considerations.

Request Search Committee Approval

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) must approve the composition of proposed faculty search committees. Please complete the request form below to request approval from OIDI.  

Search Committee Approval Request Form

After OIDI has approved the search committee, someone from the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity will be in contact with you to register the members of your search committee for an upcoming pre-scheduled training session. Employees serving on a search committee are required to attend this training one time per fiscal year. The training takes place via Zoom and lasts approximately one hour.  

Please feel free to contact the Office of Equity & Equal Opportunity, Human Resources or Academic Personnel Services with any questions or concerns regarding the hiring and/or recruitment of faculty and unclassified administrative staff.

OEEO: (513) 529-7157 |

Academic Personnel: (513) 529-6724 |

Human Resources: (513) 529-3131 |