Frequently Asked Questions for Employment of Instructional Staff (MUPIM 6.1)

Where can I obtain a copy of the procedures for recruiting and appointing tenured, tenure-eligible, and clinical/professionally licensed faculty and lecturers?
These procedures are available online in section 6.1 of MUPIM
Where can I obtain the Position Announcement Authorization and Employment Recommendation forms for tenured, tenure-eligible, and clinical/professionally licensed faculty and lecturer searches?
Position announcement authorizations and employment recommendations are now both handled via PageUp (Miami’s online application system). Please contact Academic Personnel Services (513) 529-6724 for more information.
How will I know if/when my position announcement authorization has been approved?
Academic Personnel will contact the department when all approvals have been obtained. If Academic Personnel, Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO) or any other approver has questions or concerns, they will contact the department chair and/or chair of the search committee.
How should the search committee be appointed?
The Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion must approve the composition of search committees for tenured, tenure-eligible, clinical/professionally licensed faculty and lecturers. Please email a list of proposed search committee members to the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. Please designate the proposed search committee chair.
Are there any restrictions regarding who can serve on a search committee or otherwise be involved with a search?
Per MUPIM 3.15 specifically, immediate family members may not:

1. Participate in searches or initial appointment decisions if an immediate family member is a candidate for the position;

2. Authorize, vote upon, discuss, deliberate, recommend, or otherwise use the authority or influence of his or her position, formally or informally, to secure the employment, retention, promotion, or tenure of an immediate family member, or to approve payment to an immediate family member for services rendered in his or her public employment.

This provision does not prohibit immediate family members from providing requested factual information regarding the immediate family member’s work-related activities (e.g., spouses who are coauthors on research or scholarly papers may provide factual information on the nature of the co-authorship and contributions of each for evaluation, promotion, and/or tenure purposes). For the purpose of this policy, “immediate family” includes the following relatives, regardless of where they reside:

(1) spouse or domestic partner;
(2) children [whether dependent or not];
(3) siblings;
(4) parents;
(5) grandparents; and
(6) grandchildren.

It also includes any other person related by blood or by marriage and living in the same household.
What should the recruitment plan include?
The recruitment plan should include the list of search committee members, all advertising that will be conducted, specific resources that will be used to attract a highly qualified and diverse pool of applicants, who will be responsible for each part of the advertising, and a timeline for the search. Please note that the search committee must make every effort to establish a pool of qualified applicants that reflects the race and sex composition of the national pool of professionals qualified to fill the vacancy. To the extent possible within established recruitment budgets, advertisements should be placed strategically to attract the greatest diversity of applicants.
Who do I contact if I am having difficulty identifying recruitment resources?
Please contact Denise Ison in OEEO at (513) 529-7157 for assistance.
Who do I contact to schedule a meeting with the Director of OEEO and Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion to discuss this search?
Please call (513) 529-1715 to schedule this meeting. The search committee chair is responsible for scheduling this meeting.
What is discussed at the meeting with the Director of OEEO and the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion?
During this meeting the collection of Applicant Flow Data, interview guidelines, recruitment and job advertisement requirements will be discussed.
What should I do to prepare for the meeting with the Director of OEEO and the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion?
Please email a copy of the recruitment plan and position description/announcement to OEEO after or concurrent with obtaining the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion’s approval of the search committee membership. (This can help expedite the approval process in PageUp.)
When can I start placing ads for the open position?
Academic Personnel will contact your department when the position announcement authorization has been completely approved. Ads may only be placed after this has been completely approved.
What is the print advertisement requirement?
There is no longer a requirement to advertise in printed publications. Please contact Academic Personnel with any questions or concerns.
What is the statement that is required to be included in each advertisement/position announcement?
All copies of the ad/position announcement (formal and informal) are required to include the long version statement that follows. (The short version may only be used in recruitment resources that charge a fee.):

Long Version (All Free Ads):
Miami University, an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, encourages applications from minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Miami University prohibits harassment, discrimination and retaliation on the basis of age (40 years or older), color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, military status, national origin (ancestry), pregnancy, race, religion, sex/gender, status as a parent or foster parent, sexual orientation, or protected veteran status in its application and admission processes, educational programs and activities, facilities, programs or employment practices. Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities related to employment should be directed to or 513-529-3560.

As part of the University’s commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe living, learning, and working environment, we encourage you to read Miami University’s Annual Security & Fire Safety Report at:, which contains information about campus safety, crime statistics, and our drug and alcohol abuse and prevention program designed to prevent the unlawful possession, use, and distribution of drugs and alcohol on campus and at university events and activities. This report also contains information on programs and policies designed to prevent and address sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Each year, email notification of this website is made to all faculty, staff, and enrolled students. Written notification is also provided to prospective students and employees. Hard copies of the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report may be obtained from the Miami University Police Department at (513) 529-2223. A criminal background check is required. All campuses are smoke- and tobacco-free.

Short Version (Paid Ads, Only):
Miami University, an EO/AA employer, encourages applications from minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Miami does not permit, and takes action to prevent, harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities related to employment should be directed to or 513-529-3560. Annual Security and Fire Safety Report may be found at: Criminal background check required. All campuses are smoke- and tobacco­ free. 

What is an Applicant Flow Data (AFD) report and how do I obtain a copy of the report for my search?
Applicants will be asked to voluntarily submit their race/ethnicity, sex, and protected veteran and disability status as part of their PageUp profile. Search committees and departments will not have access to this information.

It is the responsibility of the search committee chair to contact the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity to obtain the AFD Report. The AFD Report must be approved by OEEO before the search committee can contact applicants to schedule any interviews. This report is a summary of the sex and race/ethnicity data, protected veteran and disability status composition of the applicant pool. Please note that the report reflects only the composition of the qualified applicants from the pool that voluntarily respond to the request for Applicant Flow Data. (A report request can be submitted via PageUp. Prior to requesting an AFD report in PageUp, please update the status for each applicant who does not meet the basic/required qualifications. Please contact OEEO with any questions or concerns regarding this process.)
What types of conversations can members of the search committee have with their colleagues who aren’t serving on the search committee?
Please review the interview guidelines. It is discouraged for members of the search committee to try to narrow the view of the applicant pool for non-search committee members with voting privileges. Please encourage your non-search committee colleagues with voting privileges to review the files for all candidates.
What materials do I submit to the Provost’s office to request permission to conduct on-campus interviews?
The following materials should be sent to the Provost’s office through the Divisional Dean’s office:

1) The complete file of each candidate recommended for an on-campus interview (including letter of application, CV and three letters of recommendation/reference)

2) Confirmation of complete position approval

3) Copy of the Applicant Flow Data report signed by an OEEO staff member

4) Confirmation of where the position was advertised and efforts that were made to be proactive in recruiting female, protected veteran, individuals with disabilities and minority candidates.

Please note that these materials must be forwarded and approval obtained before candidates are contacted. The Provost’s office will notify the Dean and Department Chair when the candidates have been approved for interviewing.
Where I can obtain information about Miami’s background check requirement?
This information is available in MUPIM 6.1C. Please note that applicants should be informed of the background check requirement when the on-campus interviews are scheduled or before. The background check requirement must be included in the job ad text.
Can the hiring department make an offer of employment to the recommended candidate?
No. The hiring department cannot offer the position to the candidate, but only state the candidate is being recommended to the Provost for the position. All discussed terms of employment should be in writing and must be forwarded with the employment recommendation form, as they may be incorporated into the contract offer by the Provost’s office.
What is a ratings instrument?
A ratings instrument is anything used to evaluate a candidate. Examples include evaluation forms and ratings sheets.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Equity & Equal Opportunity or Academic Personnel Services with any other questions or concerns regarding the hiring and/or recruitment of tenured, tenure-eligible, and clinical/professional licensed faculty and lecturers.

OEEO: (513) 529-7157 |
Academic Personnel: (513) 529-6724 |