Faculty Associate

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green, Clinical Traineeship Coordinator, Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Psychology

Psychology Building, 118

While my position as a clinical faculty member does not involve research, I work with graduate and undergraduate students to gain applied experiences in psychology.  One of my primary roles has been to coordinate clinical training for the Center for School Based Mental Health Programs and to provide supervision for graduate students working in the local elementary schools. Undergraduate and graduate students working in my lab have the opportunity to learn about and help to implement the Incredible Years program which is an evidenced based program designed to support children's social, emotional and behavioral development. Related to my interest in school mental health, I have collaborated with graduate students and faculty from different disciplines to explore challenges inherent in moving clinical psychology from traditional settings (e.g., community mental health, private practice) to schools. I have also collaborated in research exploring the interdisciplinary nature of school mental health and the importance of collaboration across disciplines.

Curriculum Vitae