Kelly Knollman-Porter

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Kelly Knollman-Porter, Assistant Professor
Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology

Bachelor Hall, 2

Research Focus 1: Provide evidence and establish guidelines for implementing intervention programs that either support use of currently available assistive technology tools or promote the development of new tools to help people with aphasia comprehend written information independently and without the need for material modification.
Research Focus 2: Establish evidence based gestural compensatory techniques and strategies that incorporate family education and training to support auditory comprehension for individuals with severe and chronic aphasia.
Research Focus 3: Examine the long-term effects of concussive and subconcussive head impacts on neurobehavioral and neurocognitive performance among collegiate varsity and recreational athletics. I would be interested in pursuing more multidisciplinary research projects which address the cognitive, behavioral, emotional or communication challenges associated with acquired or progressive neurologic disease processes.

I would be interested in collaborating with other faculty members on current or future projects, and it would be appropriate for undergraduate or graduate students to contact me if interested in assisting with my current projects. I only ask that they provide a resume when contacting me about future project involvement.

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